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Since man began to record events by painting images of his surroundings, he has struggled to present the moment and mood of that event.

Today "art" in whatever form, is presented by it's creator as his or her interpretation of a visual portrayal. There are no "real" rules in an image creation, but the success of that image is measured by the people that view them: if it doesn't appeal - then it doesn't work - and that's entirely unique for each and every one of us!
For me, photography starts with a "more or less" faithful creation of an image. (thank goodness - because I lost the patience to start from scratch many years ago!) The really fascinating stuff is how light strikes the subject matter. Natural light can change continuously, giving the image a different "feel" - almost by the second! Whether it's the vibrant reds in a sunset or the soft reflected light in a black and white portrait, light can be used to enhance whatever image you like. Photography is "painting with light" - someone's said that before, I'm sure, but it is true!

The extent to which we can now control light has never been greater; cameras have been developing for 170+ years now and with the advent of "digital", computer technology, possibilities, become endless. The challenge and "Buzz" I get is in creating an image that appeals. My camera and computer are my paint brushes… I hope it works, but you have to be the judge?

raham was born in London in the 1950's. He moved to Hampshire when he was very young and has live there ever since. Currently living in Whitchurch, he works as an accountant in the motor trade. Photography has been Graham's main hobby for over 30 years now and he has built up quite a collection of cameras. His current camera is a # but he has not forgotten some of his older photographs captured on his # and # some of which are available to view and buy on this site. Most of his inspiration comes from traveling. Graham regularly visits Cornwall, Tenerife, The Lake District and various areas of France. He has also been inspired by visits to Venice, The Grand Canyon, Ibiza and many more. His photographs are very varied, capturing anything from the beauty of a landscape to an abstract close-up of the colours and textures of a fishing boat. Here you can buy Graham's photographs from the gallery, professionally printed in various sizes and then mounted or framed. For more inforamtion about buying photographic prints from this website please visit the F.A.Q page »

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